Billabong Creek Study


An archaeological survey of the Billabong Creek near the site of the death of Ben Hall


Index – page

 Introduction                                                                                           1

 Survey of Site 1 – the Strickland house at Billybong                                6

 Survey of Site 2 – the house of Michael Coneley at Billybong                12

 Survey of the Gobondry Inn (Michael Coneley 1866-77)                        16

 Summary and Conclusions                                                                     18



 1          (i)  Extract from map – Parish of Yarragong, County of Ashburnham

(ii) Extract from pastoral map – Nelungaloo squatting run

2          Map drawn by sub-Inspector Davidson, 1865

3          Map showing approximate boundaries of  squatting run in 1865

4          Plan of portion 19, Parish of Yarragong

5          Enlargement, part Portion 19, Parish of Yarragong

6          Plan of portion 3, Parish of Yarragong

7          Map showing land purchases by Michael Coneley at Gobondry (1866-1876)